Grants Assist Connects Organizations With Funding

The Australian government offers billions of dollars per year to help boost businesses, non-profit organizations and startups. Some of these funds are unused simply because organizations are unaware of these opportunities. This is where Grants Assist comes in.

Founded in 2018, Grants Assist was developed to provide support for organizations to get the funding they need. For non-profit organizations, 25% to 40% of costs are typically covered by grants. While these organizations dedicate time to benefit others, it can be tough to carve out the time needed to apply for grants.

Similarly, both existing businesses and promising startups provide necessary jobs, technological advancements and regional development. Grants offer crucial funding that allows businesses to focus on developing and implementing innovative ideas. However, private companies face the same issue that non-profit organizations do. Applying for grants requires the means to locate appropriate grants and the experience necessary to complete successful applications.

Grants Assist provides the expertise needed to find the right grants for businesses and develop winning applications. The company delivers a database that helps users navigate through the vast number of grants to find just those they are eligible for. The business accomplishes this through countless hours of searching through all of the available grants in the country and meticulously categorizing and filtering them. 

Not only does Grants Assist make grants easy to find, but it also offers skilled grant application writing and other consulting services. Grants can be competitive, and experience can give an organization an upper hand in obtaining funding. Grants Assist has a team of experienced professionals to help write applications, gather required documents, and ensure the application is complete.

With billions of dollars available to businesses, startups and non-profits, competitive grant applications are key. Grants Assist offers the necessary tools to secure these funds.

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