Gordonstoun School: Preparing Children for Global Citizenship

Schools around the world are trying to answer the complex solution for preparing children to be the most productive members of society possible.

However, research suggests that skill drills and high marks are not enough to predict success.

As discussed in the book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves (2009), emotional intelligence is a higher predictor of future success than IQ.

What educational institution is able to equip students not only to be competitive in the global community but also the empathy and awareness to improve it? Gordonstoun School is more than up for the task.

Gordonstoun School is a boarding school located in Northern Scotland focusing on educating the whole child.

Students as young as 4 and a half years old can attend the school, and boarding is available for students age 8 through year 12.

Gordonstoun School is the top choice for families all over the world, including the British Royal Family.

This is due to the unique, interdisciplinary curriculum and various opportunities offered both in and out of the classroom.

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Students at Gordonstoun School are educated through a curriculum that encourages a positive mindset, personal learning growth, and developing strong character.

While living and learning in a community, students learn to not be afraid of trying something new and to treat themselves and others with respect.

Off-campus, Gordonstoun students are able to interact with the world in a meaningful way that strengthens their understanding of curriculum and character.

Senior students have the opportunity to study abroad.

They also are able to participate in international projects such as orphan care in Romania and working with a clean water project in Thailand.

Gordonstoun School allows students the opportunity not only to learn and grow for their own enrichment but to also give them a vision for making an impact in the world.

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