Dropptv is the New Face of Shopatainment

The more that video becomes consumed by viewers, the more it’s becoming necessary to find a way to fund the growing thirst for the medium. Marketers have noticed this trend and are starting to drop marketing into videos more and more, especially with Gen Z and Millenials.

The main issue is the fact that ads can be very disruptive to the viewing experience, making viewers shy away from any video that advertises too much. However, a new company called Dropptv is deciding to instead just combine advertising and video instead of letting them constantly work at cross purposes. As a result, a new approach is born, that’s been dubbed “shopatainment.” An example of this approach is described by the CEO of droppTV, Gurp Rai, as being exemplified by the fact that he couldn’t find a jacket he wanted to buy in a Drake Music video.

He surmised that he’d probably find other people who thought the same way as him and would like to buy products this way. He noticed that Instagram could tag products within photos, but there wasn’t anything like that for videos.

That’s when he decided to implement his shopatainment idea through droppTV. Many people had talked about it before, but no one had really done it smoothly, from his point of view. So, Dropptv is an attempt to combine entertainment and shopping smoothly. Dropptv uses tools like A.I. And machine learning to get this done. IN other words, the idea is that you can shop directly through videos that feature popular products.

That way, the two approaches won’t detract from one another. The goal is to make it so that you can be watching a video about almost anything, and then just click on the product you want to buy it directly. So, instead of an ad popping up while you’re watching a video, interrupting its flow completely, and likely disrupting the intended way of consuming it, the product will be accessible only if you click on it. That way you can pause the video if you like it or not, but either way, have the act of purchase be completely separate from the video.

That way, you don’t need overlays, redirects, interrupting advertisements, pre-roll, or anything else that tends to lead to viewers being so annoyed that they just stop watching the content altogether. Instead, creating synergy between video and purchase is the way that shopatainment functions.

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