Chad Price: Mako Medical CEO

Chad Price first had the idea to start his own lab while helping with his special needs sister taking her to countless lab appointments.

His company, Mako Medical has achieved staggering growth since its inception as a startup. He’s even now been named CEO of the year.

Chad Price is drive by a sense of community and the desire to help others. Chad is committed to helping veterans and people in need.

He has designed programs for Veterans through MAKO medical to help get them the medical care that they need as well as providing former active-duty members support as they transition out of service and also offering them employment.

Chad Price is creative with his work, incorporating tools like robotics into his operations.

According to, he is also working on a prescription program that would make 300 types of prescriptions available for free to those in need of them.

This is part of a broader commitment to provide low-cost solutions to the people that need them.

Recently, under Price’s leadership, Mako has succeeded in developing a highly sensitive and cost-effective antigen screening test in efforts to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. His team is also working away at detecting COVID-19 variants.

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