Authors Solutions, The Leading Provider Of Self-Publishing Services To Authors

Author Solutions was initiated in 1997, and it is the top provider of self-publishing services globally. This company has managed to assist almost 250,000 authors from across the globe to publish around 300,000 topics. Author Solutions have helped authors achieve their goals by offering contacts, unlimited resources, and industry insight. They offer support to individuals aspiring to see their book appear on the TV, sell in bookstores, or feature in a movie.

Author Solutions Company has managed to help many authors to launch their careers through a self-publishing process that is AuthorCentric, and it allows the authors to maintain their creativity. This means that you will have access to a team of experts guiding you, but you will be in control of all other aspects, including proofreading, cover design, editing, and page layout.

Author Solutions has a team of talented experts in the industry of self-publishing. Their global team has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help any upcoming author. Their headquarters are in Bloomington, Indiana, and they have a global reach in New Zealand, the UK, and Australia. Their imprints play a role in helping to reach authors from across the world. These authors tend to enjoy the technology and resources offered to publish their work.

Author Solutions have more than 10 self-publishing imprints that exist in nine countries on five continents. The company has also partnered with HarperCollins Christian and Simon & Schuster. It works with distributors and vendors, including Indigo Chapters and Ingram, among others, to offer quality self-publishing services.

Authors have testified of how helpful the company has been. For instance, Jan Booth says that he worked with Buddy Dow, and the guidance he gave has seen him through each phase. Jerome Jacob also says that working with this company has been the best thing since he has published three books. See related link for additional information.


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