Alexander Payne Movies and the Joy of Working with Same People

Alexander PayneIt’s always a pleasure to work with the same people. And it’s even more of a joy when you’re working on films as great as Nebraska, The Descendants and Sideways. In this blog post we will explore the movies that Alexander Payne has created in collaboration with actors like Paul Giamatti.

Alexander Payne enjoys creating character-driven films. His most recent film that is coming soon called “The Holdovers” is an example of this. The film is about Paul Hunham a teacher who’s attitude to life ostracizes him from society. Having nowhere to go for Christmas, he decides to spend his holiday break supervising students that also have nowhere to go for the holidays. Paul Giamatti plays the role of Paul Hunham.

Alexander Payne also worked with Paul Giamatti in the movie “Sideways”. Alexander Payne stated during rehearsal, all the actors had such a relaxed fun loving attitude making his vision come to life. Payne wanted to select an actor that he knew would demonstrate that same fun loving attitude on the set of his new movie “The Holdovers” and knew exactly the actor to ask to star in the lead role.

Ever since “Sideways” Payne’s vision of an average everyday man was always Paul Giamatti. He stated in an interview that “if you took all the people in the world and merged their faces they would end up looking like Paul Giamatti”. Payne wanted his lead character on “The Holdovers” to be someone people could relate to, someone who’s not a hero. Someone just like you and me, therefore Giamatti was the man to call.

Alexander Payne

Alexander Payne also enjoys working with people that he’s had a first hand look at their work and range. It was exactly Paul Giamatti’s acting range along with his fun loving attitude that landed him this new role. Payne said that Giamatti is an “actor that can make even bad dialogue sound good”.

Production of “The Holdovers” is planned to begin in early 2022 and can be viewed at a later date at the Cannes Film Festival.

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